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Cybersecurity for all sizes.

Areas of Expertise


Meant for the SMB needing to address cybersecurity for client requirements, compliance or security concerns.  A 3-phase project designed to get you to a comfortable and educated regarding your cybersecurity duties. IGNITE™ begins with the adoption of a framework, discovery of stored data assets at risk, vulnerability scanning, risk assessment and policy/procedure development. Moving on to full documentation with SaaS-based evidence storage, IGNITE™ will save the time and effort to collect information; speeding response to auditors and consultants. Last but not least, repeatable processes are put into place. Soup-to-nuts. Focus on your success, we’ve got the rest. Fast, affordable and can be white labeled for the MSP looking to add service lines.


Information & Cybersecurity

At Cyber 6 Group, we pride ourselves in our vast expertise in information risk and cybersecurity. Our team can assist you with Data Assessments, Threat Assessments, Risk Assessments, vulnerability scanning, policy and procedure, general and application security, and more.


Upfront Consultation

We provide an no-obligation, 4-hour, upfront consultation experience to understand your purposes, why you’re in business, and the risks associated with running it. Our purpose is to provide an tailored experience that addresses your cybersecurity concerns.

IT Operations

IT Operations

Properly managing the IT operations of your organization can be daunting. As an added bonus, we can help with board guidance, budgeting, strategic planning, operational struturing, and team building.


SOC\NOC Advisory Services

With a decade of experience from ground up Security Operation Center (SOC) and Network Operation Center (NOC) creation, C6 can help you make the decision to stand up these services seamless and informed. We’ve overcome challenges and suffered the stress of this lift and can save you the heartache of lessons we’ve learned.


Vendor Management/3rd Party Risk/Selection Assistance

Quickly rising to a top risk in cybersecurity, vendors represent several points of frustration for many clients. (1) Vendors impact your ability to deliver and often house/use your valuable market and nonpublic data to perform their contracted services. Understanding the contractual relationship is critical to protect both parties and your client. (2) Breaches are often determined to be vendor-based.  Regardless, you pay the price.  Properly managing the risk/benefit of each vendor relationship allows both parties to be accountable to the other. (3) Selecting the best vendor for your needs can be hard. A standardized framework and review structure performed by C6 can take a lot of work off of your plate.


Policy Drafting

We want your organization to not only understand the importance of implementing a sound compliance and cybersecurity structure, but also help draft policies for on your behalf. These policies allow you to focus on increasing your bottom line without having to worry about breaches or fines.


Managed Compliance Services

After decades of experience within the cybersecurity and compliance industries, we understand first-hand how daunting tasks associated with compliance can be due to the cost and internal employee capital associated with multiple regulations. That’s why we’ve established the IGNITE program. To help, now.


Certified expertise

Our team currently possesses the following certifications; CPA, CISA, CRISC, CISSP. We pair those certifications with a military background in cybersecurity from the U.S. Army School of IT. We also carry security clearances.

Pen Test.png

Vulnerability and Penetration Testing

“Project-based” with world class Pen-testers, or “continuous monitoring” for ongoing governance, our threat and vulnerability management services are designed to help you create and implement an effective and proactive security program. Solutions can be offered onsite or via the cloud with fast installation.


Data Discovery, Classification Exposure Monitoring

The only data tool to provide same day results, discovery without data exposure (protecting data-owners and your 3rd party auditors), and true “classify-on-the-fly” scoring; this service will support your risk expenditures, focus your auditing and control efforts, and inform management of cybersecurity liabilities hiding outside of your current control structure. This service is is included in most of our other services by default. For the MSP, this service can be white-labeled and used to save up to 25% of information gathering prior to an engagement. Reporting includes data, asset inventories, user lists, cloud usage, port connections, and validation of services.


Comprehensive GRC Reporting

GRC manages an organization's overall governance, enterprise risk management and compliance with regulations. The Cyber6 approach provides data-driven real-time governance, risk & compliance information to support the operational management of your cybersecurity process.


Control Data Mapping

We’ve partnered with a compliance solution provider, Etactics, to easily map controls associated with the biggest regulations using the K2 GRC tool; and InfoGPS Networks, a patent pending software that tracks sensitive organizational data assets. You cannot protect what you cannot see.


Vast Framework knowledge

Our executive members are trained professionals in the understanding of some of the most common governance frameworks and laws, including; NIST, FFIEC, CSF, HIPAA (HITRUST & HITECH), COBIT, COSO.


Physical Security Assessments

A physical security assessment evaluates existing security measures that protect assets from threats and identifies improvements when deemed necessary. Completing a physical security assessment enables C6 the ability to uncover the vulnerabilities in your physical security posture that ultimately circumvent your cybersecurity controls.

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Data-Driven Security and Information Risk Assessments

Every year, companies spend more money on cybersecurity than ever before. Equity firms make historical investments in cybersecurity startups year after year. For this, we get larger and more frequent breaches. Something is not working.

C6 believes that we must use a data-driven approach to risk. After all, our role is to secure your information assets to prevent the loss of data or the use of your network to steal the data of others.

The only firm to require a nonpublic data mapping, C6 stands out in terms of effectiveness, informed decision making, and value-driven reporting.

Fractional/Virtual CIO

IT and IT Operations can represent a large portion of your budget and must run well to be effective.  From personnel matters to vendor selection, network stability and best practices, the CIO is responsible for informed decision making and sound business management. With 20 years of executive experience as a CIO for clients large and small, C6 can ease the expense pressure for this high functioning executive by dedicated specific time and resources where you need it. All of the experience as a fraction of the FTE cost. Contact us for a conversation about your needs and how we suggest next steps.